I have a dirty confession to make.

I really like Snapchat.  I say this, confident in the fact that absolutely nobody wants to see me naked (sexting).  I have been exchanging messages back and forth with a small group of people for a few weeks now.  The app is fairly responsive and doesn’t bog down on my iPhone4.  Taking and annotating pictures is a fun way to communicate.  I tend to take pictures of objects, rather than “selfies”, to keep it interesting.  Account creation was fairly simple.  One snag that I did encounter was adding friends.  The app will scan your contacts for current members but it is not 100% accurate.  I had to add some people manually by asking for their username.  The addition of Snapchat Stories allows users to share content for up to 30 days.  An interesting change for an app based on short-lived communication.  I urge others to check it out and to not be put off by the bad press the service has received.