What was different about this course?

This course was different in that it challenged me to think about my writing.  I have always seen writing as  avery personal affair that was with not to be read or solely between me and the teacher.  This class forced to put write a blog post and be ok with it not being a complete thought.  It is ok to put your thoughts on a blog, odds are no one is going to read it anyway.  On the off chance that you do get someone to read your thoughts on a blog post, it will be because someone was interested in what I had to say.

Favorite topic(s)?

My favorite topic was that of organizing content in this digital era.  As was apparent in class, I love to organize.  Organization and structure helps me in my daily activities.  Knowing that there is a great movement out there of people who are interested in the organization of this new world is fascinating.  Maybe I can do some more study in this area and contribute to some of the research/ideas.

Personal takeaways?

This 1 semester increased my online presence to levels I thought I could never achieve.  I was always a “lurker” online.  Now I have close to 40 Twitter followers and I have connected with probably over 100 individuals.  I also have connections with people that may be able to provide assistance as I move through my dissertation and further in my career.