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After hearing a presentation about how great Instagram is I decided to give it a shot.  All of the Instagram pictures that I see appear to be of people having a great time.  Count me in!

Getting started was not an easy feat.  I consider my self a technically literate person.  I spend most days solving other people’s technical issues.  My skill level should not be an issue.  Instagram has a webpage.  Why, I don’t know?  You can only log in to your existing account, not create a new one.

Off to the phone I went.  I downloaded the app which was easy enough.  Upon opening the app I was given the opportunity to register for an account. Eureka, I found it!  The next page asked if I would like to link to my Facebook account.  Yes please, 1 less password that I have to remember and I like that.  My phone thinks for a few seconds and the screen populates with info from my Facebook account so I proceed to hit the Next button.

“Please Select a Screen Name”

What? Didn’t you just connect to my Facebook account?  Not so fast, it did pull my info but I still needed to create an account along with a new password.  I created a new account, while hoping I remember the password, and finally got access to the app.

Time to see what all the fun is.  I took my first picture, something boring in my office, and was then presented with a myriad of filters.  Holy Filter Overload!  Lots of options that I need to explore.  I made it through 5 filters and decided to just pick one and move on.

Score, first post completed and updated to Instagram.  But wait there’s more,I can link my account to my other social media sites.  I have the option of linking to my Facebook account… … …

Didn’t we already do this?

I linked to my Facebook account as well as my twitter.  We will see how this goes.

Happy Instagram-ing!