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I had to resist the urge to pull the “Twitter-trigger”.  I was in class last night and another member of the class mentioned a topic that I felt was funny and interesting.  He subsequently posted the idea to Twitter.  I felt that it would be a great idea for a hashtag so I eagerly went to respond to the post.  Being my typical sarcastic self, I wanted to add a bit of my personality to the 140 characters I was allotted.  It appeared that I had the perfect opportunity to use some internet shorthand, FTFY.  For the uninitiated FTFY stands for “Fixed That For You”, or so I thought.  I did a quick Google search and came back with an Urban Dictionary definition (NSFW for Language) that presented an alternative meaning.  Urban Dictionary also defines the term as “F That, F You”.  This was definitely NOT the message that I was trying to send.  In the long run I did not respond to the tweet out of concern for offending a fellow classmate.

Well would you look at that, I didn’t post something on the Internet because I didn’t want to hurts someone’s feelings.