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The following details one of my greatest fears about social media usage.


What if I innocently post something and it winds up leading to a home invasion putting my family in danger.  Realistically I know that this is not likely to happen but that doesn’t ease my brain.  The existence of this infographic means that it has happened.  If it’s on the internet it has to be true! (sarcasm)

i have been interested in documenting my running travels in and around redacted (risk right there).  I like to see where I can get on foot and if I can find a new way to get there.  My iPhone and Twitter provide a great method of documenting my travels.  Due to my life commitments, I start my runs at 3AM so I can be back before anyone wakes up.  This means that I would be broadcasting my absence.  I don’t assume to be a tough guy who would overpower an intruder nor do I really have anything worth stealing, but you just never know.

The obvious solution would be to just take the pictures and then relay my stories once I have returned.  That turns it more into a blog post and less into real-time documenting.  Also, if I am out running at 3AM it probably means I don’t have much time for blog posting later in my day.

How about you.  Do you feel a loss of safety with social media posts?